The trail network of 5 Terre

costa delle cinque terre

The rules below were set by the Carabinieri Forestry Corps and the Park to ensure correct use of the trail network, where many Italian and foreign tourists go hiking, and whose characteristics make it comparable to mountain tracks.

1) Choose your trail according to your physical conditions and technical skills

2) Study the trail characteristics on a topographic map (distance, difference in elevation, springs, fountains, huts, etc.) and ask for information on the trail's actual passability. Study potential alternative routes for the way back.

3) Make sure your clothes and equipment are suitable for the hike's length and difficulty (spare underwear, fleece jumper, wind jacket, gloves, hat, hiking boots, sunglasses, sun cream, food)

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How to visit the Cinque Terre

If you use the car to come to Manarola park in the paid parking lot or along the road where is permitted. The advice we give is to forget the car once you have parked, and move around using the train, walk along the paths, or with the services of the shipping line, where possible with the bus. There are also nautical services for mini-cruises that parton from Manarola. This is the best way to enjoy a carefree holiday.

Visit the village of Manarola

Manarola is a small town on the sea, where there are all the necessary services to tourists and residents. In a short time is possible to visit athe village. We propose a couple of scenic routes, one inside the country and a path to the outside. In the inner path, you can see its architecture, its history, mediaeval elements, the old walls and the tower defense by pirates and Saracens, ancient stairs. The external route is an easy walking path that begins in the street of wonder and ends on the sea.

What to pack

seasol temperature manarolaManarola is a beautiful seaside town suitable for wearing casual clothes or sports clothes but we also have romance fabulous sunsets! In hot weather, the climate is always cool and breezy, especially in the upper part of the country. Hardly, even in winter, the temperature drops below 10 degrees. Keep in mind that in the village of Manarola there are no taxi porterage services, and you will bring hand luggage..think carefully!

Use the train to the Cinque Terre

Manarola station in Cinque Terre

The best way to visit the Cinque Terre is to walk on the paths and use the train. The stations are at the center of the countryes (not in Corniglia, which operates bus service and you'll always come easily walk).  
Get a regional train that stops at all the stations, you can buy tikets in the stations at the information offices of the National Park.
You can buy more than one ticket and use them when needed. If buy the ticket in the automatic machines installed in the stations are valid only for a few hours. ALWAYS remember to convalidate your ticket in the machines before boarding the train.
In the winter season are applied regional rates and the frequency of the train is about one every hour; in the summer season are applied rates of 4 euro each way of the 5 Terre Express and the frequency of a train every half hour in both directions.
The travel time on the train between stations and the other Cinque Terre is short, about 5 minutes.
It is also possible to purchase the National Park Card which also include the daily use of the train; at our B&B you can get a discount on train Card or Card  lasting two or three days: ask for them upon arrival at Casa Capellini!
Always ask for information before buying the ticket or Card in the offices of the National Park.